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Sent a check for 12 issues. Received 1 and no intelligent response to correct situation. Writers Digest Magazine was contacted by email, snail mail, Fax, land line phone and stated without reservation I will receive all past issues. To date, na da..............except for a request to renew subcription. Anger, does not qualify my feelings toward this company. Respectfully CR from DG

Original communication:Account: 5587548

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The above was cut

and pasted from your web site. Note the specific statement of a "website of

thepopular Monthly Print Version". I subcribed to your magazine and when I

wasn''t receving them, I spoke to a Debbie Poalillo ( probably fictious) who

gave me a fax number 513-513-2690 (it is a private line, not a fax), that was

the beginning of annoyance #5. Annoyance 1) I received only 1 issue -

Annoyance 2)you had the audacity to send me a dated 2-06-08, reorder form,

which I received yesterday,February 13,2008 nnoyance 3)spoke with 3 other

individuals, leaving a voice mail on the fourth responder''s phone Annoyance

4)all attempts were so egregious I decided to put this in an email with the

expectation of a prompt response!

Normally, I would end with, Respectfully,

but your company does not deserve my respect. I will end with Hopefully, Someone

with a brain and authority who will respond ASAP,

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Heidelberg, Victoria County, Trinidad And Tobago #20900

I am still disputing these charges, I also agreed to pay shipping and next thing i know Im being chagred for product I never receieved. Still did not get my money back.

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